At Ye Olde Antiques Shoppe

Killed some time today flipping through record bins at an antique store. Found some really good stuff that I wish I was around for when they first came out.

Bowie’s “Pin-Ups” and “Low:”


And David Johansen:

Needless to say, I was a very happy audiophile indeed. Can anyone find me a “New York Dolls” on vinyl now?


15 Albums

Think of 15 albums, CDs, LPs that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life. Dug into your soul. Music that brought you to life when you heard it. Royally affected you, kicked you in the wasu, literally socked you in the gut, is what I mean. Then when you finish, tag 15 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill. Get the idea now? Good. Tag, you’re it!

1. “Viva Hate” Morrissey: Late nights in the dim light of my room, this cassette was the defining soundtrack to my teenage years. I experienced the “Suedehead” video when we took a road trip to Fairmount, IN, home of James Dean.

2. “So Red the Rose” Arcadia: Duran Duran grown up. I latched on to Arcadia’s atmospheric vibe much quicker than I did the rawk of Power Station.

3. “Grace” Jeff Buckley: “Last Goodbye” will never be overplayed.

4. “Substance” New Order– Every Filipino Debutante ball played “Bizarre Love Triangle.” Great beats, Peter Hook’s bass is fantastic. Another one of those soundtrack to my life cassettes.

5. “The Stranger” Billy Joel: I actually remember my folks buying the LP at Woolworth’s I think. I picture the scene–me sitting on the floor listening to the album, watching the rotation of a 33 1/3 record. I also recall over accentuating the “ack,ack, ack, ack” of “Movin’ Out.”

6. “Never Mind the Bollocks” Sex Pistols: If I ever had a rebellious streak growing up, this album helped me walk through that door. My brother thought I had joined a cult when he heard this blasting out of my bedroom.

7. “Disintegration” The Cure: First CD I ever bought. I learned to play the bass line of “Fascination Street” recently. That’s another song that can never be overplayed!

8. “Nevermind” Nirvana: Blew my mind when I first heard the album in its entirety. “Endless Nameless” was a nice surprise at the end of the CD. Something in Kurt Cobain’s voice just connected.

9. “Head on the Door” The Cure: an art club staple. Who didn’t do the hand-clapping when “Close To Me” played?

10. “August and Everything After” The Counting Crows: “Round Here.” Beautiful. Even more incredible live.

11. “Louder Than Bombs” The Smiths: I remember getting the cassette thinking, “Wow, there’s a lot of songs on this one!” Definitely a good starter album for the uninitiated. Morrissey & Marr at their peak.

12. “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most” Dashboard Confessional: The 30 year old me combining with the 17 year old me, listening to this album in a room alone, very loudly. Yeah, it’s like that.

13. “Exile In Guyville” Liz Phair: Another one of those albums where all I can say is “wow!”

14. “Cosmic Thing” The B-52’s: The perfect summer-time album!

15. “Transformer” Lou Reed: I wish I were able to have picked up this LP the day it came out.

There are tons more . . . these would be my desert island picks. These albums define me. Let me know which ones define yours.

Hey hey I’m a broke-ass!

As the economy continues to spiral negatively, I’ve had to make some cuts in my own spending. I don’t buy as many CDs as I used to, concerts are a rarity unless it’s someone I really like and visits to the library to borrow movies have increased.

My biggest expenditure involves comic books. My brother just did a panel at the NYComicCon this past weekend. Go to and check out my brother’s art. In his “about me” he says my comic collection is at 2000. I would’ve agreed with him in 1990!!! I’ve got 22 long boxes in my storage and I’ll go out on a limb and say those hold 500 comicbooks. Do the math, I’ve got a shitload of comics!

My core pulls have been whittled down to:
Indies: Echo, Rasl
Dynamite: The Boys, Jungle Girl and the Lone Ranger
DC: Green Lantern
Dark Horse: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Umbrella Academy
Marvel: Avengers (New, Mighty, Initiative and Dark), Thor, Daredevil, Anita Blake, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Kick-Ass

I used to spend an upwards of $80 a week. Can’t do that anymore! Times are tight, the wallets getting thin . . .

MegaCon is at the end of the month. For a $25 entrance fee, I could probably catch up with some other books for $1 a piece. Here’s hoping!

Micky Dolenz is going to be appearing there. Here’s to shelling out some money for him to sign my “Micky Dolenz’ Rock n Rollin’ Trivia” book!

If I go, I’m sure I’ll post some pics of me in my fan-boy best . . .

But Not Tonight

In the interest of posting, I was going to copy & paste a survey like most lazy bloggers do, but instead I opted to post pictures of what I’m expecting in the mail:

Duran Duran’s “Red Carpet Massacre.” Limited edition vinyl pressing. I am out of my mind.

Good night.

WTF About WTF?

You know that guy.  The one who thinks he’s got the script to a blockbuster film in his head.  The guy that thinks the idea in the latest small press comic book mirrors an entry in his journal.  The introvert who becomes the life of the party when the time is right.  The dreamer ready to do . . .

Yeah, that’s basically the spark behind

No auditions held, no classified ads printed, no “for a good time” number to call (well, maybe Pete’s number).  Just one email sent to the right bunch of guys made this idea come to fruition.

The description on WTF’s mySpace page reads, “What The F*@& is this?  This is a video podcast (with your hosts Brian & Pete) that covers different topics/events/people/places that might cause you to ask “WTF?”

But it’s more than that.  And we’re figuring it out now.

2008, for all intents & purposes, was a testing year.  Fifteen podcasts were posted which included an interview with a former child star, a first-time published author, a few film reviews, and two segments featuring a pair of rising stars.

WTF does 2009 have in store for the crew of wtfthepodcast?  Who the f*@& knows?  If interviewing Ron Irizarry before he won the “Henry Poole Is Here” theme song contest and asking Chris Favis what the 1st joke he told before he joined the contestants on MTV’s “Bromance” is any indication, the future looks alright.

WTF Crew 2008

WTF Crew 2008

Everything Old is New Again

So I’m shopping around one of those box-stores ending in Mart and I’m in the toy department and what do I see?  SMURFS:   Plush Smurf dolls and the little plastic figurines.  The plush came with a DVD with two episodes.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with those adorable blue creatures, they look like this:

I guess they’re making a comeback too.  Just like everything else I once held sacred in my youth.  “GI Joe:  The Rise of Cobra” had a 30-second teaser during the Super Bowl as did “Transformers 2.”  If you wanted to see the inner fan-boy in me achieve orgasmic heights, you should’ve been at the sports bar I was sitting at. 

I get why it’s all coming back though . . . the technology would have been shitty if the Hollywood big-wigs tried to make these movies in the 80s (refer to Dolph Lundgren’s “Masters of the Universe”).  I admit, I felt all tingly when I saw Snakes Eyes avoiding a projectile and when he was leaping over the cable car (or was that a subway?). 

Ray Parks as Snake Eyes

Ray Parks as Snake Eyes

Pass me a tissue please . . .

I’m glad stuff from the 8os are making a comeback.  It’ll give me something else to connect with my kiddies.  They can enjoy the things I enjoyed when I was their age.  They already think I’m a bit off by my Duran Duran obsession.  But at least they get it.

I would be very afraid of a Thundercats live action film.  Or a Smurfs even.  Some concepts need to be left in the past, like Jem and the Snorks.

Voltron could be fantastic though.  I’m just throwing that out there.

A-B-C, another excuse to post today.

A – Age:  I just turned 36 in December, so I’ve still got a bit before the next one 
B – Bed size:  Queen.  And I sleep on the left-hand side.
C – Chore you hate:  scrubbing the tub.  I don’t mind taking care of the toilet, I’ve just got issues with mildew & bathtubs!
D – Dad’s Name:  Guillermo
E – Essential start your day item:  a cup of coffee gets the day going nicely, thank you.
F – Favorite actor(s):  Christopher Walken, Johnny Depp & James Dean 
G – Gold or Silver:  silver
H – Height: 5’6″ 
I – Instruments you play(ed):  took piano in high school, currently teaching myself the bass guitar
J – Job title:  account manager
K – Kid(s):  2
L – Living arrangements: yes, I live . . . in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in Florida
M – Mom’s name:  Jocelyn
N – Nicknames:  Daddy (for obvious reasons) &  Jumpstreet (a nick given to me by my old place of employment b/c I didn’t look my age)
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth:  once, after a Ja Rule concert–high blood pressure (I was working it, not attending it!)
P – Pet Peeve:  folks that talk & drive, then weave.  Also, procrastinators.
Q – Quotes you like:  “Dream as if you’ll live forever.  Live as if you’ll die today.”  James Dean
R – Right or left handed:  lefty
S – Siblings:  my younger bro
T – Time you wake up:  on average 6:30am
V – Vegetable you dislike:  I actually like them all and haven’t come across one I didn’t like yet
W – Ways you run late:  procrastinating . . . 
X – X-rays you’ve had:  dental, chest, my right wrist
Y – Yummy food you make:  chicken &  pork adobo.
Z – Zodiac:  Sagittarius