Everything Old is New Again

So I’m shopping around one of those box-stores ending in Mart and I’m in the toy department and what do I see?  SMURFS:   Plush Smurf dolls and the little plastic figurines.  The plush came with a DVD with two episodes.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with those adorable blue creatures, they look like this:

I guess they’re making a comeback too.  Just like everything else I once held sacred in my youth.  “GI Joe:  The Rise of Cobra” had a 30-second teaser during the Super Bowl as did “Transformers 2.”  If you wanted to see the inner fan-boy in me achieve orgasmic heights, you should’ve been at the sports bar I was sitting at. 

I get why it’s all coming back though . . . the technology would have been shitty if the Hollywood big-wigs tried to make these movies in the 80s (refer to Dolph Lundgren’s “Masters of the Universe”).  I admit, I felt all tingly when I saw Snakes Eyes avoiding a projectile and when he was leaping over the cable car (or was that a subway?). 

Ray Parks as Snake Eyes

Ray Parks as Snake Eyes

Pass me a tissue please . . .

I’m glad stuff from the 8os are making a comeback.  It’ll give me something else to connect with my kiddies.  They can enjoy the things I enjoyed when I was their age.  They already think I’m a bit off by my Duran Duran obsession.  But at least they get it.

I would be very afraid of a Thundercats live action film.  Or a Smurfs even.  Some concepts need to be left in the past, like Jem and the Snorks.

Voltron could be fantastic though.  I’m just throwing that out there.


One comment

  1. Rodman · February 4, 2009

    Voltron is in the works…

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