WTF About WTF?

You know that guy.  The one who thinks he’s got the script to a blockbuster film in his head.  The guy that thinks the idea in the latest small press comic book mirrors an entry in his journal.  The introvert who becomes the life of the party when the time is right.  The dreamer ready to do . . .

Yeah, that’s basically the spark behind

No auditions held, no classified ads printed, no “for a good time” number to call (well, maybe Pete’s number).  Just one email sent to the right bunch of guys made this idea come to fruition.

The description on WTF’s mySpace page reads, “What The F*@& is this?  This is a video podcast (with your hosts Brian & Pete) that covers different topics/events/people/places that might cause you to ask “WTF?”

But it’s more than that.  And we’re figuring it out now.

2008, for all intents & purposes, was a testing year.  Fifteen podcasts were posted which included an interview with a former child star, a first-time published author, a few film reviews, and two segments featuring a pair of rising stars.

WTF does 2009 have in store for the crew of wtfthepodcast?  Who the f*@& knows?  If interviewing Ron Irizarry before he won the “Henry Poole Is Here” theme song contest and asking Chris Favis what the 1st joke he told before he joined the contestants on MTV’s “Bromance” is any indication, the future looks alright.

WTF Crew 2008

WTF Crew 2008


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