Long title: Holding the mirror of procrastination up to everyone else except myself.

What am I up to you ask? Well, I’m enjoying the new stellastarr* single, “Graffiti Eyes.” Definitely a return to form that is sugar to my ears! Amanda‘s backing vocals are yummy.

Alkaline Trio’s coming to town with Saves the Day & Nightmare of You. Since I’m a fan of all three, count on seeing me in the crowd wearing my best Hot Topic gear and being one of the few to enjoy alcohol in a sea of young scenesters.

I’m nearly done reading my copy of “Secret Identities.” Very impressed by most of the stories contained in the first volume. I say most because I think I could write something more compelling. It’s just a matter of getting off my arse really. Pick up a copy on amazon.com already.

Save me from my eBay addiction. Seriously.

Are you twittering yet? You can find me out there by clicking here.

I will tell you this . . . if you’ve been trying to get ahold of me and I hadn’t been calling/texting you back, it’s because I gave you up for Lent. Kidding. Maybe.


Random Thought.

So I saw “Hannah Montana: the Movie” last Friday. What a fresh take on the time-tested adage of never forgetting where you came from. Before you think any strangely, I took the opportunity to have a “daddy/daughter” bonding experience through Miley Cyrus. Thank you. I was not the oldest male in the theater in a trenchcoat thankfully.

“17 Again” came out this weekend. There is no way Matthew Perry would look like Zac Efron! I figured if I reverted back to 17 again, I’d probably look like this.

Enjoy your weekend.

WTF ever.

Just thought I’d start it off by how I’m feeling about the Yankees this evening. As of this typing, they’re getting trounced by Baltimore. On a plus, the Rays are stomping the Red Sox.

Bounced right back into the swing of things after a weeklong break from the grind of selling beer. So what did I do, you ask? I drank beer. I’m crushing on those 9-packs of Miller Lite 16oz aluminium bottles. Do yourself a favor and try one–the second that cold bottle hits your lips, yum yum yum!

Drinking wasn’t the only thing I did sillies . . . I caught up on a lot of shows I’ve recorded. Finally caught up on “Dollhouse” and “Castle.” I’ve got two months worth of “Lie To Me” to absorb. Back to “Dollhouse,” doesn’t Eliza Dushku get hotter every episode? Even Dichen Lachman (Sierra) is starting to give me the ol’ “man-reaction.” I would looove to see a movie treatment of the Dolls in case they get dropped a la “Firefly.” But I have faith in Joss Whedon.

So . . . did you watch “X-Men Origins: Wolverine?” The movie clocks in at an hour and 45 minutes. I got to see an hour and 25. Either my computer decided to crap out or the site was crashing from all us fanboys wanting a free peek. Do I think it’s worth watching in the theaters? Oh hellz yeah!

Speaking of fanboy shit, the graphic novel my brother illustrated, “Secret Identities–the Asian American Superhere Anthology” is in stores now. Buy a copy. Check out their site here.

And you must check out Maria Taylor’s latest CD, “LadyLuck.” Saw her at the Social Sunday and was very impressed by her. I got a chance to get a pic with her and tried not to look too disturbing:

Maria Taylor with fan, 04.05.09

Maria Taylor with fan, 04.05.09

Find her on iTunes and check out the video for “Time Lapse Lifeline,” guest starring Donna A from the Donnas, Har Mar Superstar & Morgan from Whispertown 2000.

I’m gonna go see the Rays kick more Boston ass. The Yankees have yet to impress me this evening.