Watch This Space.

I’ll admit it. I’ve been slacking off. Very badly.

Summer 2009 was an opportunity for me to go home and reconnect, refresh and reclaim some sanity. Too much of the “real world” bringing me down. I needed a break before I broke down.

I kept a vacation blog on my FaceBook page. FaceBook, what a trip. So many faces from the past have resurfaced–all for the good. Friendships once lost, now at least have the opportunity to be rekindled. Maybe.

Where did 2009 go?

Time waits for no one. Time to get up off my arse. And my soapbox.

But did I even really say anything worthwhile?


One comment

  1. Kate · September 3, 2009

    Welcome back to the blogosphere! I’ve missed you. 🙂

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