Here We Go Again.

I’ve started to compile a to-do list in honor of the 37th anniversary of my escape from the womb. I’m sure they’ll also fall into the category of 2010 resolutions. Right off the bat: write more.

When I say “write more,” I mean in a notebook. Pen and paper. What a concept. I won’t dismiss blogging but I think the more I share out here, one day may come back to bite me in the arse. I’m sure you heard about the depressed lady in Canada whose doctor prescribed “fun” to help her condition? In case you didn’t, her insurance company dropped her benefits because they saw pictures on her faceBook page which showed her smiling. As I get older, I think it may be time to become a little more guarded with what I share. The late nineties up until just a few years ago, I was a slightly crazed “don’t give a fuck” kind of guy. I would like to say I’ve grown out of that period. Insert canned laughter here.

I keep thinking of Tiger Woods’ recent transgressions and all I can say is . . . yup.

Writing also means getting those crazy fiction ideas out of my head and on to paper too. I understand I’ve said I would for the past decade, but hey, a guy can dream. And I think I’ve got some good ones.

Running is another endeavor I’d like to undertake. First, I’ve got to have a physical–I’ll take the two-finger special please. I want to make sure my asthma won’t be a hinderance. All I need are the sneaks Forrest Gump wore on his cross-country trek and I’ll be set.

My goal is to be as physically fit as Warren Cuccurullo in his forties. Again, insert laugh track. I told you I could dream some good ones.

There you have it: writing and running. Two immediate goals. I’ll keep you posted.

Next entry: my upcoming doctors visit. Maybe I should go for the three-finger special?


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