This quote sums it up nicely

“We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.” ~Lynn Hall



“Fly Me To the Moon”

I’m sitting at my computer, iPod at full blast. Listening to the first CD I ever bought.

You always remember your first: first kiss, first car, first concert . . . you just do. Jen, freshman year, 1988 Buick LeSabre and Andy Gibb at Six Flags. The first CD I ever bought still remains one of my favorites today: The Cure “Disintegration.”

Hailed as the “Dark Side of the Moon” for the alternative crowd, this masterpiece was just recently reissued in a 3-disc deluxe set. I plugged the updated version into my iPod last night and got lost in its gorgeousness. Yeah, I used gorgeousness!

“Plainsong” starts off innocently with windchimes you’d have on your back porch . . . then all of a sudden, a kick to your midsection with the keyboards!

I’ll admit, it was an indie record store in Massapequa. Didn’t have a driver’s license at the time. My ‘rents dropped me off before they went food shopping at the Walbaums’ across the street (still can’t remember the name of the store–it was next to Massapequa HS, next to the bagel store that had the Batman signal graffitied on the side wall) and I went through my ritual of browsing used vinyl & cassettes. Behind the counter, a brown box with less than a dozen advanced copies of the Cure’s latest screamed “BUY ME.” We had a record player but no CD player . . . yet. I plunked down my $8.99 plus tax and waited for my folks to pick me up.

My dad’s best friend had the latest in technology, he transferred the disc to high res cassette for me.

Upon first listen, the wind chimes of “Plainsong” were just a subtle warning to what my ears weren’t ready to comprehend . . .

Many nights were spent listening to “Disintgration” in its entirety. And now, 21 years later, I’m still overwhelmed by it’s majesty.

The re-release contains Robert Smith’s home demos and an expanded version of the Cure’s “Entreat” live album.

“Disintegration” will still blow the doors off of your musical boundaries.

Have You Ever?

I had every intention of blogging last night. And when I say blogging, I meant falling asleep in front of my computer.

There is an entry saved in my drafts folder about my love of The Cure’s “Disintegration” CD which I will complete by this evening (I hope).

Have you seen the leaked topless photo of Hayley Williams? Apparently there’s chatter that the picture may have been leaked by her. Not only does that sound ridiculous, but if it’s true, then she is . . . brilliant! After every Paramore song they’ve played on the radio since the photo surfaced, the DJ mentions the pic. Web hits gallore. Immediate attention to the band. Free publicity. Over what? Boobies. C’mon, hands up: how many of us have taken risque pictures that we hope don’t get out? Shame on you! I’ve never . . . this week.

In this age of insta-celebrity, if you don’t want to get caught, don’t do it. You take a risque pic of yourself, look at it, marvel at how good you look, then delete! Or erase the video. Or hope no one else was watching. Or just don’t have the third person there . . .

So my question to you: have you ever? Shoot me a comment and I’ll match you, story for story. I’ll pour myself a nice cup of coffee and read yours and then I’ll switch to whiskey and I’ll write down mine.

Deal? Go . . .


Too tired to blog, but I will take the easy way out and fill in a survey. We were eliminated from the Little League Tournament of Champions this evening. I say we lost momentum due to an hour rain delay. It still was an incredible season & we look forward to Fall Ball!

* * *

Have you ever been anywhere outside of U.S.? Yes, the Philippines & Canada

Family or friends? both–my friends are family too

What I dislike most about the general public is… there is no more privacy anymore

East Coast or West Coast? never been to the west coast, so I default to the east

What is love? children

Are you a good friend or not? I think I’m a better one now

Biggest turnoff in the opposite sex? lack of confidence

If you look at the color blue, what does it make you think of? my computer room wall

What is the meaning of life? making a difference

Favorite perfume? Izzey Miyake

Do you like thunderstorms? absolutely

Do you drink coffee? it’s my morning pick-me-up

Winter or summer? I like winter, just not shoveling

If you could pick anyone dead or alive to have lunch with, who would it be? My grandparents, both sets

If you were one of the seven dwarfs, who would you be? Grumpy

Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles, although I dig “Exile On Main Street” immensely

What is the name of your truest friend?

Whats the First Thing You Notice In A Boy/Girl? a great smile

Desktop or Laptop? desktop, for now . . .

Chocolate or other candy? Pretzel M&Ms

Favorite hot drink? Coffee

Are you fed up of all these questions? yes

Do you believe a good life is attainable or is it something that is out of our control (i.e. subject to luck, etc.)? you get what you put into it

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? enough

Beach or Mountain? mountain

Why are you taking this interview? to fill space

Who do you count on when feeling down? my kids

What attracts you most? confidence

Do you feel comfortable showing PDA in pubic? yes

How many hobbies do you have? a few actually

Close your eyes for a moment, who pops into your head? Hayley Williams

Do you say “I love you” in the relationship? it wouldn’t be a good relationship if you didn’t

Describe your perfect Sunday morning? sleeping in, working in the yard & grilling. What, I went to church Saturday!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? the English countryside

What makes you cry? ignorance

What makes you laugh? irony

If you won the lottery, how would you spend your millions? buying my parents a dream house, settle out my debts, buy a few vehicles and become a lifetime Yankees ticket holder

Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full? half-full & waiting for a top-off

Who was your hero as a child? the Lone Ranger

If you had only six months to live, what would you do first? Go on a road trip–motorcycle trip across the country

What 3 words would your best friend use to describe you? adventurous, crazy and reliable

Where do you see yourself in five years? published

What are you most proud of in your life? I live vicariously through my children, very proud of them. Everytime my son goes up to bat, I wish I could switch bodies with him in that moment

Do you own any pets, and if so what do you have? a pug and two finches

Who do you admire most? those that accomplish so much with so little

Do you have any tattoos, and if so what and where? four–one on each shoulder, back of my neck and one on my forearm

Romance or Kinky? a healthy balance

How do you feel? exhausted

Is there anybody you often miss? yes

Water or 100% Juice? H2O

Would you rather be hot or cold? cold

Opera, Musical, Concert, Play, Performance, or Other? Concert

What are some of your favorite Disney Films? Toy Story, Toy Story 2 & Monsters, Inc

Why did the chicken cross the road? it didn’t want to get stopped by Arizona police

What was your last thought? how stupid these questions are getting

Juice and crackers or milk and cookies? the latter

Are you a cat or a dog person? dog

Would you rather be blind or deaf? blind

Define yourself in 3 words… growing up finally

Have you ever been in love? not today

Kill the spider or let it out? let it out

Do you shower every single day? twice sometimes

Walking past a beggar, spare change or ignore? I give at poor boxes

What is your favorite place? home

If you could have one super human power what would you choose? time travel

Have you had a beer in the last week? yes

Vitamin Water or Gatorade? Gatorade

Have you ever been hurt by someone? yes

Flip flops or tennis shoes? canvas sneaks

What do you do on Fridays? Relax after work

What is your favorite song of all time? “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Do you like bananas? is this a psychological question . . . yes, I do

* * *

And that concludes a severe waste of time. Off to bed with me I say, and GOOD NIGHT!

Shorts Around My Ankles

“Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you’re only screwing yourself.” Guilty on both charges my dear readers.

I have been screwing myself in the past SIX months I’ve neglected this corner of the internet. My last post was a list. Filler! With all of my favorite shows either cancelled or done for the season, the time is right for me to come back and entertain you with my drivel.

Starting this month, I will be a contributor to a wonderful blog site Do yourself a favor and check it out. The tagline: “30 Days. 30 Writers. 30 Points of View.” This month’s topic, Pabulum & Poetry. Watch this space or look at my status updates on faceBook, I’m sure I’ll let you know when my post goes live.

I will also attempt to write something here daily. Call it my personal challenge. I fancy myself a prodigal son of sorts and returning to writing is long overdue. I bottle too much stuff up when it could make for entertaining reading.

2010 so far:
January–had the shingles for three weeks. Thankfully they were caught early enough for the medication to work quickly. Apparently, stress can cause the chicken pox virus to resurface. Who knew? I sure as heck didn’t.

February–some asshole attempted to break into my work vehicle to steal my GPS. Note to self, don’t keep a visible GPS in your vehicle! Anyway, gave the prick chase and gave the police a description. No further developments there.

March–got a new dog, a mini Yorkie and found him a new home three weeks later. Previous owner said he was potty trained, but the little shit proved otherwise!

April–my daughter dearest received her 1st Communion and we had a family reunion. Good times, noodle salad.

May–yeah, not so much . . .

* * *

Tonight was a wash. Game two of my sonny-boy’s Little League playoffs was rained delayed Sunday and because the earlier game ran long, they postponed our rescheduled game for tomorrow. Fortunately we made it home for “Glee.”

* * *
Like Nine Inch Nails? Go to to download a free EP of Trent Reznor’s post NIN career. This will be tonight’s soundtrack as I drift off to slumber, dreaming of what the heck I’m going to write about tomorrow.