I Still Write, Right?

My little corner of the internet is getting a bit dusty.

Hopefully my one stalker realizes I’ve been keeping busy on www.30pov.com. leelee keeps me on my toes with a monthly deadline. And wouldja believe I submitted November’s piece before due date? I think last month was the first time I had to ask for an extension. Read my October piece on the topic of “Witch Hunt”–actually, a “Which” hunt–a fluffy, lovey bit about my new job! I shared the link with my work mates and they enjoyed the read. At least somebody did! My November POV, “On My Honor,” goes live on the 13th.

I saw a status update regarding WTF the Podcast a few weeks back: “Was This Forgotten?” Sheesh, I hope not. That corner of the internet got dusty too !

2010 is nearly over and I shall begin my year end lists, starting with five concerts I thoroughly enjoyed (in no particular order):
Dashboard Confessional
The Honda Civic Tour feat. Paramore & Tegan and Sara

2010 Favourite books:
One Day
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
Olivia Munn’s “Suck It, Wonder Woman”
(admittedly, I didn’t read too much this year)

Let’s see if I can keep my corner tidy before the year is up.

Confession: “Black Type” from Smash Hits (hands up if you know who I’m talking about) was one of my inspirations to write when I was still an impressionable young lad. The American version of Black was “Bold Type.” Again, borrowing ideas from the Brits. Oh the Anglophile is surfacing!



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