Shameless Self Promotion

So I don’t update this blog as much as I would like. But maybe if you do lurk out in this territory you’d notice my Twitter updates appear in the bottom right of the screen. And now you know.

I’ve been geeking over this:
LG Vortex = my new phone!

Yes, I got the purple variant. And yes, I downloaded the Star Map app. Lovin’ it!

December’s POV topic is “Paradox.” I just submitted my draft for review tonight. Even with a little holiday extension, I was two days tardy. What can I say, I wasn’t feeling my first take. The second one, much better! It goes live on the 13th. Watch this space…

I tweeted earlier I was a fan of Bruno Mars. Time for another confession. I listened to one CD in my car today (left the iPod at home) on repeat:
I am a Gleek.
One track in particular: Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” I’m really liking Dianna Agron’s vocals. She isn’t as flashy a singer as Lea Michelle and I totally dig that. Don’t judge.

This is my second full week out of training with my new gig and I’m enjoying it immensely. I miss my classmates though… If you’re reading this guys & gals, CALL ME, we’ll do happy hour at 5:59:59pm.



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