Is There Anyone Out There?

Poised to return to some semblance of writing.

Been gone too long. Too many stories to recount, experiences to be relived.

The future is a blank canvas. Again.

No hashtags required.


And we’re back (for the umpteenth time)

Not gonna lie… I suck at keeping up my page. But if you’ve checked in, then you know this already.

With the demise of, my consistent creative outlet, I got a bit bottled-up.

The last two years have been hell in my professional life. I couldn’t locate the off-switch to disconnect and enjoy a quality of life outside of work. I lived in fear induced panic everytime the phone rang. I definitely was not a pleasant person to be around and my kiddies noticed. In short, sales just wasn’t my bag.

Two months back into the restaurant industry have been a rebirth for me. While the hours have changed, it was easy to transition back into a managerial role and be the go-to guy for both my staff and guests.

This ain’t the Kool Aid talking either.

Soooo, now that things are once again looking brighter, you’ll be hearing a little bit more from me… I hope!

MmKay… Here’s what’s been rocking my socks over the last few months:
1) Free Comic Book Day
Free Comic Book Day
2) “Mind the Gap” from Image Comics

3) “The Avengers” movie

4) Garbage’s “Not Your Kind of People”

5) Swamp Thing

6) AMC’s “The Killing”

7) Jack Whiite’s “”Blunderbuss”

8) Moleskine notebooks

9) my new kicksshoes

That’s all I got for now. Watch this space…

Penis Envy or “2012 is Gonna Be My Year!”

Putting another year behind, I gotta say, 2011 was a year of reinvention. The penultimate year of my thirties, and I found myself switching sales industries midstream. And I’m all the better for doing so. 

I gave up drinking for six months and my belly thanked me for it. While I haven’t sworn off beer entirely, my drink of choice involves more red varietals or a delicious spiced rum. 

Here’s to a new year, dear reader. You’re probably wondering, “What’s with the penis envy?” 

Allow me share to share a pair of stories, one at the end of the year and one that happened on New Year’s Day.

Picture the scene: Christmas mass. Holy day, right? I’m getting into the service. I’m listening and responding to the prayers, but to my left and one row up, I’m distracted by a young boy with his hand in his pocket. If I had to guess, he wasn’t much older than 13. At first, it looked like he was shifting some pocket change. When it looked like he was pulling downward repeatedly, maybe he wasn’t looking for quarters. Every time the congregation stood, his hand went straight back into his pocket, tugging more furiously at something else that stood at attention.

The not-so-subtle game of pocket hockey got so intense, the boy’s father had to intervene by mouthing, “Stop doing that.” Thank goodness I didn’t have to shake his hand during the sign of peace.

To be that young with a lack of self-control.

New Year’s evening found me walking the dog. My route has been the same the last five years, only the neighbor’s have changed. One house in particular has a new family living there after the last tenants left town suddenly. A chubby blonde boy played basketball in his driveway. Several weeks back, he had streaks of pink in it. On my walks, I block out the world with my iPod. Not this evening.

As I strolled past the boy in his driveway, he dribbled his basketball and sang aloud “My dick is so long. My dick is sooo long. I bet it’s bigger than yours…”

Where was my iPod when I needed it? I continued my walk and as I turned back to go home, I passed the boy again who said, “Oooo, if your dog shits in his yard, they’re gonna sue you! If your dog shits I bet it’s gonna stink real bad!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Excuse me, do you think I can’t hear you?” I asked from across the street.

“What did you say?” chubby boy with the apparent long dick asked.

“Did you want me to come over there and repeat myself?” I replied.


“I didn’t think so.”

Happy friggin’ new year.

Kids today, I tell ya.

I did some yard work today. Looking down towards the end of my block, I saw chubby blonde boy dribbling his basketball again. In mid stride, he’d fallen in the middle of the street and an on-coming car had to make an abrupt stop.

I guess he tripped over his dick.

* * *

Highlights of 2011:
–Seeing Duran Duran during the “Ellen” taping at Universal Orlando.
–Getting my new Ford Fiesta.
–Quitting my marketing associate’s job with a food distributor.
–Starting my gig as a wine & spirits sales consultant.

Best Personal Moment:
–Losing nearly 15lbs.

Favorite Albums of 2011:
1. PJ Harvey “Let England Shake”
2. Bon Iver “Bon Iver”
3. Foo Fighters “Wasting Light”
4. Beastie Boys “Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2”
5. Ryan Adams “Ashes & Fire”

Looking forward to in 2012:
–A productive and prosperous year.
–An incredible Adam Ant concert! You going?
–A Smiths reunion, if Moz can’t score a record deal, he needs to phone the boys up for a new album & tour. Noel Gallagher agrees.

Confessions of a Rabid Fanboy

I could be doing work right now. Or clear some space on my DVR. Instead, I opted to read my stack of new comic books (Wednesdays are release day). Five comics later, I figured I’d blog about it.

This month’s 30pov is a “best of” compilation. What better time for me to dust off this site in attempt to get your attention?

I’ve been reading comics since as early as I can remember. My parents introduced me to Disney comics when I was four. This led to the adventures of Lone Ranger & Tonto and ultimately, Spider-Man. I’ve always been a Marvelite for nearly three decades, but more recently, my tastes have been more open with the Distinguished Competition (DC comics, non-believers) and some indie stuff.

My graphic novel tastes are even leaning toward the hipster side. Good grief. Aging hipster indeed.

Listology, vol 3825: Brian’s monthly pull-list at ye olde comick shoppe

Amazing Spider Man
Avengers Academy
Marvelous Land of Oz
Moon Knight
New Avengers
Secret Avengers

Kick Ass

Batman & Robin
Batman Beyond
Batman Odyssey
Batman: The Dark Knight
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors
Wonder Woman

Sweet Tooth

Rachel Rising

Dynamite Entertainment:
The Last Phantom
Jennifer Blood

Next Men
Suicide Girls

Hack/Slash (my current fave)
Lil Depressed Boy
Morning Glories

The Guild (Dark Horse)

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Back to reading my stack o’ books. By the way, this Saturday is


Whoops, slacking again…

January’s POV, “White Party, Black Tie” posted last week. It’s a little more on the personal side, celebrating my minor victories of 2010. What else can I say about the previous year? It started oddly, my career change mid-year was definitely a high point and there were a few months in there that made me ask WTF? Click here

Speaking of WTF (the Podcast that is), follow ’em on Twitter. Maybe 2011 will bring us another exciting, irreverent episode. Heaven knows I’ve got some smartassedness to get out of my system. It’ll also get me off my butt–gotta lose some of this “training” weight before I stand in front of the camera. Attention whore that I am would also give you the link to my Twitter account, but if you look to the right, my updates show up for your reading pleasure. How convenient! Like Alexa Ray Joel sings, “Notice Me” (please)!

Have you watched “The Social Network” yet? Do yourself a favor and watch it. Next on my watchlist, the new Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman flick:

I sure hope it doesn’t disappoint. Natalie Portman = Yum. “Black Swan,” is another great movie you need to get off your arse and plunk down money to watch.

Just finished Kristen Hersh’s “Rat Girl.” Definitely a quirky, fun read. You can find some great music on her website. It’s free to download, contributions definitely appreciated. Ms. Hersh sent me a message on Twitter that made me beam with kewlness a few weeks back. Thought I’d share that with you.

Currently reading: James Franco’s “Palo Alto.”
Currently listening: CNN on the TV.
Currently craving: a sack of White Castle burgers.

What you should be adding to your iPod right now:
Duran Duran “All You Need Is Now”
White Lies “Ritual”
Gang of Four “Content”
Social Distortion “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes”
I Blame Coco “The Constant”

Who wants to sponsor me to get out to Coachella to see Duran Duran? It never hurts to ask right?

That’s all I got for now. Smooches.

Shameless Self Promotion

So I don’t update this blog as much as I would like. But maybe if you do lurk out in this territory you’d notice my Twitter updates appear in the bottom right of the screen. And now you know.

I’ve been geeking over this:
LG Vortex = my new phone!

Yes, I got the purple variant. And yes, I downloaded the Star Map app. Lovin’ it!

December’s POV topic is “Paradox.” I just submitted my draft for review tonight. Even with a little holiday extension, I was two days tardy. What can I say, I wasn’t feeling my first take. The second one, much better! It goes live on the 13th. Watch this space…

I tweeted earlier I was a fan of Bruno Mars. Time for another confession. I listened to one CD in my car today (left the iPod at home) on repeat:
I am a Gleek.
One track in particular: Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” I’m really liking Dianna Agron’s vocals. She isn’t as flashy a singer as Lea Michelle and I totally dig that. Don’t judge.

This is my second full week out of training with my new gig and I’m enjoying it immensely. I miss my classmates though… If you’re reading this guys & gals, CALL ME, we’ll do happy hour at 5:59:59pm.


I Still Write, Right?

My little corner of the internet is getting a bit dusty.

Hopefully my one stalker realizes I’ve been keeping busy on leelee keeps me on my toes with a monthly deadline. And wouldja believe I submitted November’s piece before due date? I think last month was the first time I had to ask for an extension. Read my October piece on the topic of “Witch Hunt”–actually, a “Which” hunt–a fluffy, lovey bit about my new job! I shared the link with my work mates and they enjoyed the read. At least somebody did! My November POV, “On My Honor,” goes live on the 13th.

I saw a status update regarding WTF the Podcast a few weeks back: “Was This Forgotten?” Sheesh, I hope not. That corner of the internet got dusty too !

2010 is nearly over and I shall begin my year end lists, starting with five concerts I thoroughly enjoyed (in no particular order):
Dashboard Confessional
The Honda Civic Tour feat. Paramore & Tegan and Sara

2010 Favourite books:
One Day
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
Olivia Munn’s “Suck It, Wonder Woman”
(admittedly, I didn’t read too much this year)

Let’s see if I can keep my corner tidy before the year is up.

Confession: “Black Type” from Smash Hits (hands up if you know who I’m talking about) was one of my inspirations to write when I was still an impressionable young lad. The American version of Black was “Bold Type.” Again, borrowing ideas from the Brits. Oh the Anglophile is surfacing!